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The Perfect Blend with History in Every Cup of Tea

Almost 155 years since tea was first discovered in ancient Ceylon, but the mystique still continues to charm tea connoisseurs across the world. Since our humble inception in 1985, we at Union Commodities have strived to give the world a taste of Sri Lanka, by exporting premium quality teas, spices and other food items. Simondou, our signature brand of quality Ceylon tea, was launched in 2012 to capture the vibrancy of tea drinking; hand-picked from our lush, verdant plantations.

Our state-of-the-art factories are complete with in-house advanced tea packing facilities, on-site purpose-built storage facilities and shipping and freight forwarding facilities, to ensure complete fluidity from the moment a leaf has been plucked, to the point it reaches your cup.

Driven by continuous innovation and a dedicated workforce, Simondou will continue to foster a global community of ardent tea lovers, with a signature flavour and aroma that rings true to your senses

Our Vision

To be the leader in the field of ethically sourced teas.

Our Mission

 With the power of a highly skilled team, emphasis on quality integrated systems, and assurance of commitment, Simondou Tea strives to achieve a greater level of expertise and develop long lasting relations with our consumers 

Our Core Values

Traditionally, tea is an industry interlinked with people and their communities. That’s why at Simondou we foster a culture thriving on mutual respect and integrity. We let our core values guide us, as we drive our company towards success.

Honesty & Authenticity