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The pride of Ceylon tea

Tea to Sri Lankans, is second to water. It’s our magical elixir that not only refreshes- but also heals, gives birth to new ideas and the birthplace of everyday chit chat. Ceylon Tea is prized for its quality which is without parallel and its aroma that can awaken even the most discerning of senses. Plucked from lush, green upcountry valleys, Ceylon tea is now savoured across the globe, with love and admiration.


A fascinating revelation…

The origin story of Ceylon tea is as fascinating as its wonderful aroma and taste. James Taylor, today known as the “Father of Ceylon Tea”, arrived in Ceylon in 1852, settling down at the Loolecondera Estate, Galaha. He began a 19-acre tea plantation on the Loolecondera Estate in 1867 and shipped the first tea consignment to London in 1873. His effort was a turning point in the plantation economy of Sri Lanka, as even a century later; the country recognizes this industry as one of the major contributors to the economy.

Purity and splendour found in Ceylon Tea.

Ceylon Tea is a world of its own, with so many varieties- green tea, black tea and many other specialty teas. Handpicked from verdant, evergreen mountain valleys, Ceylon tea is known for its bold flavour, but it can vary significantly in taste, depending on the type of tea and where it’s grown in the country. However, despite these regional nuances, the classic Ceylon flavour is generally thought to be bold, full, and brisk- making it everyone’s cup of tea!


The warmth of a Simandou tea cup after a long day…

Whether you had a rough day at work or you are enjoying the company of your favourite guests, nothing warms the soul more than a cup of Simondou Tea. Available in a wide range of flavours, catering to every tea connoisseur, there’s something special in every cup of tea produced by us- the unmistakable aroma and the finest quality we have come to perfect over the last 36 years.


by Regions

The unique temperatures, groundwater and soil of our island give each plant its own fragrance and flavour. Our country has been blessed with seven regions that produce tea with a different flavour, aroma, and colour.


Nuwara Eliya

Golden tone with a delicate fragrance and flavour.


Uda Pussellawa

Dark tone with a subtly tangy flavour.



Amber in colour with a mellow flavour.



Pleasingly distinct aroma and smooth flavour.



Coppery colour and robust flavour.



The boldest colour of all, with a bold flavour to match.